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Welcome to Caitlin’s Crumbs! My name is Caitlin Clement and I am a current undergraduate student studying journalism with a minor in Spanish and international relations (I know, a mouth-full). Going into my final year, I have written numerous articles for my universities publication Drake Magazine and was fortunate enough to have an editorial internship with Better Homes & Gardens this past year. With COVID-19 ruining most of the chances I had of doing anything this summer, like so many, I am doing what I can to stay busy. So here I am!

The Lead Up

When I was a little girl, some of my fondest memories came from helping my family in the kitchen. Whether that was making pig picking cake with my grandma (she’s a southern girl) or watching my dad on the grill. I loved trying new foods and dabbling with different cooking techniques whenever possible. On the weekends, I spent my time watching culinary shows like Bizarre Foods and No Reservations. In all honesty, I still do. They’re just more re-runs at this point.

I eventually combined this love of food with travel after going on my first international trip in high school to both France and Spain. There was no turning back after that: I was hooked. It was there that I realized how important a countries gastronomy was to its identity.

Food, for me, is a representation of different cultures. A plate of food in Spain is different to that of England. It lets you see the topography, the traditions, and the communities of these destinations. This blog is my attempt at following the trail of bread crumbs life leaves out for us– discovering all the good eats along the way. And maybe inspire a few of you to do the same.

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