The first of many

This is the first post of my new and improved site. How fricken exciting is that! I look forward to filling it with quality content for you to enjoy and hopefully use some day.

Content will range from restaurant recommendations, travel must-haves, delicious destinations, recipe reviews and whatever else I feel like including. I want this blog to be an escape from the day to day, feeding you interesting information about the world of culinary and international travel. If you having any suggestions regarding topics you would find interesting or want to see on the blog, please feel free to post in the comments. I will be looking at them!

Finally, thank you for being here. It means a lot that you are even reading this. This blog will be my first major solo project into a field I have only ever dreamed of becoming successful in. Be gentle, be kind, and follow life’s bread crumbs.

Caitlin Clement

I am a current undergraduate student studying journalism and Spanish. When I was a little girl, some of my best memories came from helping my family in the kitchen. I loved trying new foods and dabbling with different cooking techniques; baking becoming a favorite. I eventually combined this love of food with travel after going on my first international trip in high school. There was no turning back after that: I was hooked. Food, for me, was a representation of different cultures. A plate of food in Spain is different to that of England. It lets you look into the typography, the traditions, and the community of the place you're visiting. This blog is my attempt at following the trail of bread crumbs life leaves out for us. Not being afraid to take the bate even if it’s out of my comfort zone and maybe inspire a few of you to do the same.

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